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Through our partnership with Ferrier & Co, CondonTreasure provides trustworthy legal services throughout Queensland. Our QLD Lawyers can handle any job!

We are QLD Lawyers specialising in:

Agribusiness: We specialise in legal matters related to agriculture, a key industry for the Maranoa region.

Conveyancing: Our team has strong experience in delivering a smooth transfer of ownership of property, from large acreage to a house in town.

Resources & Compensation: When it comes to compensation for use of your land, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best outcome possible and protecting your biggest asset.

Wills & Estate Planning: We help our clients strategically plan for the distribution of assets, property and possessions.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation: We act for a wide range of clients on dispute resolution and litigation matters focused on achieving results and minimising time, stress and cost.

Commercial Advice: From buying and selling businesses to borrowing and lending money, we can bring knowledge, clarity and expertise.


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  • 07 4620 4444 - South-West Queensland
  • 07 4654 1222 - Western Queensland
  • 07 4937 5600 - Central Queensland
  • 07 4617 8200 - Darling Downs
  • 07 5409 2300 - Sunshine Coast

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