Name: Angie Lees
Role/Position: Client Services Supervisor
Office: Maroochydore

My Background

I have worked with the CondonTreasure Maroochydore since April 2007 on a permanent-part time position. I enjoy my role as ‘CSA’ as I get to talk to the clients on a regular basis and get to work on a variety of activities each day.

I finished high school at the end of year 11. I was offered a traineeship at a solicitors firm and stayed working there for six years. Prior to CondonTreasure I have worked in both a solicitors firm and another accounting firm.

Outside of Work

My favorite activity on a weekend is spending time at the beach, if the weather is good or having a coffee at the many cafes on the Coast. I am also very interested in travel – some of my greatest memories have come from my travels!

My home is in Palmwoods and I have lived here since age 4. I originated from way out west – Charleville. In between living in Palmwoods throughout my childhood years, we have also owned two homes in Nambour before settling back in Palmwoods, building our home which is great as it’s close to the school for our two beautiful children. The greatest lesson I learned was don’t give advice on children until you have your own!


Contact Information:

  (07) 5409 2300

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