Name: Ann McArdle
Role/Position: Receptionist
Office: Maroochydore

My Background

I have been with CondonTreasure since 2014 in the role of Receptionist for our Maroochydore Office. Prior to my time here I worked for our family construction business for 10 years while I was caring for our 3 daughters. Before having a family, I worked in various industries including advertising and mining engineering. We moved from Brisbane to Mooloolaba a number of years ago with my partner to start an office, and have enjoyed the Sunshine Coast lifestyle ever since.

Outside of Work

I’m easy going – my biggest lesson in life is do not sweat the small stuff, bad days do happen but do not dwell on the negative – it consumes too much time and energy – being positive in your attitude creates happiness for you and for others.

My husband and I have lived on the coast since 1993 and are in our 4th house in Mooloolaba. All our houses have been in the same estate approximately only about 2 streets away from each other, and usually only get fully renovated when we are about to sell. Patience is essential when you are married to a builder!

Netball would have to be one of my major passions. I love to train, coach, manage, spectate and play at every opportunity I can get. Sport plays a very dominant role in our family life and I believe it to be one of the essential past times in ensuring an all round healthy lifestyle.

Family is very important to me and my best teacher in life would be my 80year old mum – she constantly maintains a sense of humour and seems to have the answer to a lot of life’s questions and as a result I am proud of my 3 daughters and the respect we instill in each other and to life in general.

There are a lot of risks and goals which come my way and I would like to think that ‘I would give everything a crack”. You learn from mistakes, so just give everything a go!

I am truly interested in the direction which CondonTreasure is going and am excited to be a part of a team with such driven leaders.


Contact Information:

  (07) 5409 2300

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