Name: Courtney Smith
Role/Position: Client Services Supervisor
Office: Roma

My Background

I have worked with the CondonTreasure Advisory Group in Roma for four years. I started working as a Receptionist in the Roma Office in 2012 when I returned from a short stay in Brisbane, after realising university was not for me. Over the years I have progressed to become a Client Services Supervisor for the Roma Office. I enjoy my role within CondonTreasure and love working with the people around me.

I was born in Roma, and have lived here my entire life, completing all of my schooling years at St John’s School. My family have always been in the Roma/Wallumbilla area. I attended university in Brisbane for a short period of time, but soon returned to Roma as the City life was not for me.

Outside of Work

My hobby is working with Race horses. My father is a Race Horse Trainer in Roma, and has been my whole life. I love being outdoors and working with the horses as it is an opposite role to what I do everyday, and the racing industry is such a close knit family. I also enjoy working on our family property with cattle. I also have a small passion for photography, and love to photograph when I have spare time – I hope to continue to improve on this as time goes on.

The goals in life are that I have to complete some form of study, however I am not sure what exactly I would like to study as I am interested in a range of things. My aim is to complete either certificates or TAFE courses in my chosen subject in the future. I am looking forward to everything that the future holds, as there are so many opportunities.


Contact Information:

  (07) 4620 4444

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