Name: Mark Treasure
Role/Position: Founding Director
Office: Roma

My Background

I am a Principal of CondonTreasure and have more than 35 years experience in a full range of taxation entities including trust companies and superannuation funds.

Before teaming up with Rory Condon to launch CondonTreasure, I had worked at a local business in Roma for the majority of my career. Apart from this, I also have seven years experience as a hotelier, having previously had interests in two Roma hotels.

“One of our motivations in forming CondonTreasure was that we wanted to build a rural based organisation that had a strong reputation for taxation planning for graziers, farmers and commercial business owners.”

I am passionate about the need for primary producers to use accountants who specialise in rural taxation, and am committed to ensuring CondonTreasure becomes a leading rural accountancy organisation.

“There is a fairly big difference between primary production and other small businesses when it comes to tax and a lot of accountants don’t understand that.”

Having grown up on a property in the Mitchell district, I intimately understand the unique financial pressures of primary production. I spend much of my day working with primary producers and rural based commercial clients who rely on my strong tax planning background to achieve the best results.

Outside of Work

When I’m not at work, I spend my free time with my family, and can also still be seen on the football field, having played both rugby league and union for more than 30 years. Despite cracking fifty in 2015, I can still be found on the rugby union paddock as a front rower for the Roma Echidnas. I also enjoy camping and travelling throughout outback Queensland.


Contact Information:

  (07) 4620 4444

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