Name: Meg Cowie
Role/Position: Manager
Office: Roma

My Background

I became an Accountant in Roma because I enjoyed accounting at school and wanted to be able to work with rural clients. I have worked as a bookkeeper whilst I was studying my degree. My parents own and run a hydroponic lettuce farm, distributing Lettuce to Woolworths all over Queensland, so I also helped out picking lettuce when I wasn’t studying or working in my other job.

My home is in Roma and I have lived here for 3 (years). I originated from Biddeston which is a small town 30km west of Toowoomba. I have always had a desire to move West and so when I was offered a job in Roma at CondonTreasure I jumped at the opportunity.

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the Toowoomba USQ campus. I studied my first year on-campus but found I was able to study the remainder of my course (2 years) externally which enabled me to work more hours in my job. I now hold a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting, and I am also qualified as a Commissioner of Declaration.

The greatest lesson I learned was to listen to the people around you as many people I work with have a huge amount of knowledge that I can put to great use!

Outside of Work

My favourite activity is to go fishing or clay target shooting. I spend my week in an office so I love to get outside of a weekend and do as much as possible! The best teacher’s I ever had are my parents because they taught me (and are still teaching me!) many valuable life lessons.

I am proud that I have finished my degree and am in a job that I dreamed of being in. I was the first Grandchild on both my Mum and Dad’s sides to have completed a University Degree which was a great achievement.

I am looking forward to working with CondonTreasure for many more years to come. In the time that I have been here I have made many new friends, both work colleagues and clients. I am confident that anything I put my mind too I will make sure I succeed at it. I don’t like “no” for an answer and will do anything possible to achieve an outcome I want.


Contact Information:

  (07) 4620 4444

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