Name: Narelle Allen
Role/ Position: Accountant
Office: Rockhampton

My Background

I became an Accountant and Tax Consultant because Tax was always my weakness! I’ve had a very diverse career, having worked in retail administration, horticulture research & development, building and construction administration, farm & plantation labour, administration in the motor vehicle industry, all areas of administration for meat export abattoirs, contract orchard maintenance & development.

My home is in the Coowonga area where I have lived now for the last 4 yeas. I was born in Rockhampton.

Outside of Work

I am proud to say that I have achieved a lot in my years – survived a relationship of 41 years with my husband (!), never spending a day without achieving something no matter how little or complex it appears to others. The greatest risk I ever took was to have children – another lesson learnt. I am looking forward to my retirement (one day) to pursue my passions of producing quality beef cattle for the future, enjoying my grandchildren, & fishing & crabbing – I love fishing. My favorite activities are definitely my family time, farm & fishing – my life’s passions.

My goals are to be successful, achieve all things on my bucket list, use my strength & intuitive to my advantage, and enjoy the life I experience every day. I have many interests so I am never bored. Actually I am often very weary at the end of a productive day, but still manage to smile and be thankful I am blessed.

The best teacher I ever had was John Mitchell – he was always challenging to work with never afraid to test his staff’s ability to learn or complete a task. I quickly realized that the word “cannot” does not exist, one should always have a go and if in doubt find someone who does know. ‘Use your common sense’ he would say, and at the end of the day no matter how hard and ruthless he had been, he would always show his appreciation for your efforts. He never forgot his success was produced by his staff’s performance. The greatest lesson I ever learnt was not to assume anything.


Contact Information:

  (07) 4937 5600

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