Name: Tegan Duff
Role/Position: Partner
Office: Toowoomba & Roma

My Background

I chose a career in accounting and business development as I wanted to help everyday people by providing the information, knowledge and/or skills required to get that step closer to reaching their goals. It may be as simple as answering a question in a way that the asker can understand the answer, or it may be training a team of accountants to provide support to a growing business; I must admit helping provide the solutions gives me a thrill and is why I do what I do.

I started working with CondonTreasure in Roma 2005 and haven’t looked back. I get to work with fantastic clients and colleagues all who have a common goal of improving people’s lives. Each day brings something new and the surroundings make it easy to strive to be the best I can be, never stop listening, learning and improving on what we do.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction at USQ in Toowoomba, I went on to complete a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting. This was an extremely tough course to complete, but provided me with invaluable skills which I rely on each day.

Having being part of a relatively small accounting firm for 12+ years has allowed me to obtain and build on experience in a wide range of industries, including: Primary Production; Transport; Building and Property Development; Investment; Retailers; and Services (labor hire, equipment hire, etc.).

Outside of Work

My husband, Nathan Herbener, and I have been absolutely blessed with 4 children – Laney, identical twins Ebony & Alexis and Mikey. We moved from Roma to Highfields in 2014. My husband grew up in Roma and I originated from Injune, where my parents, brothers and sister live on rural properties. We love to visit family on farm, and enjoy the balance of Town and Country. Our children enjoy living in Highfields and attending the Mary Mackillop School and C&K Kindy.

My favorite activities include spending time with my family, fitness classes, running and socialising with friends over a coffee. I also love to travel – to me there is nothing more exhilarating than getting on a plane to a new destination and not knowing what to expect on landing.


Contact Information:

  07 4617 8200

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