Name: Tom Wilson
Role/position: Manager
Office: Rockhampton

My background

I became a tax consultant because I was interested in helping people better understand the complex worlds of taxation. I have worked at NAB, Union Fidelity, ITP for myself (Rockhampton Taxation Service) and now CondonTreasure.

Starting Rockhampton Taxation Service was actually the greatest risk I ever took, however it was one risk that paid off and looking back now, I am proud that I built Rockhampton Taxation Service from nothing to 3000 clients in 10 years. Rockhampton Taxation Service recently merged with CondonTreasure which is now putting me on my retirement path with a smooth transition of clients over to CondonTreasure.

My home is in Glendale QLD; I have lived here for the last 14 years, however I originated from Jericho QLD.

Outside of work

My favorite activity/activities are going home after to work to two anxious dogs and i love to do this because they are my family. The goals I have include working whilst I still enjoy it, and further exploring my interest in everything that happens in this fascinating world.

The greatest lesson I learned was the customer is always right and I learned it when my parents owned a butcher shop. The best teacher I ever had was my parents because there were more kids in my family than in my class at school, making me realise that I had to share. What no one realises about me is I left school at 16!


Contact Information:

  (07) 4937 5600

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